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Surety Bonds

For the success of all your projects

Take advantage of the financial benefits and the guarantee of the execution of all of your projects

Axxium Insurance is your insurer for all your projects. Our experts will guide you throughout the surety bond implemation process for the execution of your projects. The Axxium insurance surety bond will guarantee the success of your projects and solidify the growth of your organization.

What is a surety bond?

Surety bond is an endorsement contract by the insurer which guarantees that all of your contracted suppliers will carry out the work and will respect their obligations by the terms and conditions established in the contract for the execution of your projects.

Surety bond binds three parties:

• The endorser: insurer
• The Beneficiary: your business
• The principal debtor: suppliers or subcontractors


• Accelerate prequalification process of suppliers
• Get a guarantee for your suppliers
• Reduce the need of credit or liquidity (cash)
• Optimize budgets bids
• Guarantee your projects execution

List of available surety bonds:

• RBQ 20K – 40K, Specialized – Entrepreneur
• Entrepreneur Bids
• Entrepreneur Execution
• Car dealership
• OPC Health Studio
• OPC Travel Agent
• SAAQ (License)
• Driving school
• Other Surety bonds

Contact one of our experts and take advantage of the surety bond financial benefits for all your projects.