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Mortgage Insurance

Ensure the sustainability of your comfort

Protect yourself from the uncertainties of tomorrow

An umbrella against bad weather

Mortgage insurance is essential for any new owner, and more so if you have a mortgage contract. Its purpose is to allow you to sleep peacefully if, for any reason. you are temporarily unable to meet your financial commitments to the lender.

In such a case, this type of insurance has the function of protecting your home if you are having any difficulties for a refund or if, by misfortune, you die. We offer independent mortgage insurance policies, which will protect it and which can be adapted to your financial situation. Please remember that the insurance offered by the financial institution covers only the balance of the amount you have to repay, with no financial security.

Our counselors will explain why it is in your interest to independently ensure the choice of a policy that corresponds best to your situation, after reviewing with you your real needs. Finally, please note that home insurance is not the same as mortgage insurance. The first protects your home and your property against risks, whilst the second protects your payments.