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Long-term care Insurance

Recover your health with quality time

Take the time necessary for your recovery

Just think about one thing, your health

As we get older, the likelihood of needing care for a short or longer period of time becomes a reality for some. However, for those who have a long-term care insurance can breathe more easily. When everything has changed because of illness, whether chronic or degenerative, an accident, or age related, this product will meet the needs of constant care for a long time in an institution or at home.

You should know that provincial plans do not pay all long-term care costs in full. This type of insurance starts paying benefits after 90 to 180 days and these sums are there to compensate for the costs incurred by nurses, by therapists or to assist with housekeeping. As a responsible person, you want to protect your assets and your legacy.

In short, long-term care insurance allows you to have a refund amounts defrayed to different types of care required for your recovery, and that is reassuring!