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Home Insurance

Life is more enjoyable when property is insured

The protection of your home is essential for peace of mind

A winning decision

Possessing a property is without doubt the dream of the majority. There is no need to hide that this investment deserves to be carefully thought out. It represents a calculated financial risk for many years. Now, when you are ready to purchase this much-desired residence, do not forget to protect this investment.

You should consider acquiring home insurance.

This will protect you in case of damage to your home, your furniture and any other item that you include in the “insurance policy”. Therefore, in case of an unfortunate event, your cover will allow you to receive an amount of money determined prior to the replacement of the damaged property, for the repair or rebuilding of your home.

Remember that you can also insure property of another person, if you have an economic interest in this property. Our advisors will reply to your questions and give you all the relevant information, according to your needs, and the properties that you wish to insure. They will suggest the best protection for you and your family.