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Disability insurance

Focus 100% on your recovery with confidence

The payment of your expenses during your recovery

A guaranteed income in order to stay functional

We agree that it is recommended we ask you if you actually need such an insurance. In fact, it is the type of insurance that can bring you financial security and which will replace a portion of your income if an unexpected situation makes you incapable of earning your salary.

Just think that, suddenly, an illness or an accident occurred which would make you invalid for a certain period of time, ranging from a few months to a few years. The purpose of disability insurance is to guarantee an income at the moment when it becomes difficult to perform your professional duties. Let us take a moment to tell you about the types of disability insurance for individuals and businesses, by meeting with one of our insurance advisors. As a worker, take time to discuss the possibilities that can bridge the gap which may appear between your actual income and expenses during loss of income due to disability, even though temporarily.

Additionally, your advisor will be able to assess the insurance as a self-employed worker, environment, contractor or employee, so that you can continue to maintain an acceptable standard of living in case of incapacity.