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Critical illness Insurance

Bring light into your life in the event of a grim diagnosis

Your energies should be fully used for your recovery

A powerful tool to meet the challenge of a lifetime

As a responsible person, you have to decide how to guard yourself against the eventualities related to the disease. To do this, you can talk to your advisor about critical illness insurance. It is a good protection if you were caught with any disease, because the last thing that will lift you spirit in moments such as this, without a doubt, is your financial situation. Your energies should be fully used for your recovery. For example, the illness can be a cancer, a stroke, heart attack or multiple sclerosis. The only concern with illness is the cure and healing period. Unfortunatly during this situation, income may decline but the bills will continue to accumulate.

It is at this point that critical illness insurance comes in, as with this diagnosis and having this insurance, you will receive a tax-free benefit, after a period of 30 days. You can use the money that will be paid to cover your living expenses and to meet any additional expenses.

With critical illness insurance, it is not only you who will worry less, but your friends will also feel relieved because of the benefits you are receiving, which will help compensate for the costs of treatment, care at home, costs related to the necessary medical equipment and medicines… and even your mortgage.