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Auto Insurance

Make the right choice, take out an insurance that really protects you.

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A safe and affordable protection

As the owner of a motor vehicle, you know that car insurance is compulsory in Quebec. But as you also know, you must take into account certain essential elements in order to choose the insurance that will protect your vehicle, depending on the type, but who will help you and has experience with claims? Our brokers are well trained to introduce you to the diverse products from companies with whom we have agreements. You can therefore confidently choose the product, or the cover, and the insurance company with which you going to deal with.

Of course, you can consider the price and quality of the service and products offered. Our advisors will discuss with you issues such as personal injury damages, they will want to know if you are travelling to Quebec or outside, what the necessary protections are in the event of damage to the insured vehicle and the amount of the excess.

In addition, they will tell you about damage caused to others in an incident, for which the insured person will be held accountable, and how they will affect any endorsements in the event of partial or total loss, theft and other important items that may be included in your policy.