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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

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Home Insurance


Life is more enjoyable when property is insured
Commercial Insurance


It is prudent to have adequate protection so that you can counteract any risk
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Insurance accompanying your feet in the sand
Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Saving & investment

Saving & investment

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Axxium Assurance is delighted to share some exciting news. As the Westland Insurance Group continues to evolve and adapt to the unique needs of our clients across Canada, we are happy to announce the introduction of the new Quebec brand: Globalex Assurances.

The Globalex brand represents professionalism, expertise, and dedication to meeting the global needs of our clients.

Effective November 1, Axxium Assurance will begin using the Globalex brand. We’ll be working on timelines to update our physical branch locations in the coming months.

If you have any questions about the Globalex Assurances brand please reach out to one of our brokers.

Call us now at 1-833-266-7749 for a quotation

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Auto Insurance

 Auto insurance is compulsory by law in Canada. Also the insurance covers the driver, passengers, pedestrians and can cover the vehicle. There are two types of insurance: accident insurance and civil liability.

Home Insurance

Buying a home is a major investment and can become your main source of assets, therefore this asset should be protected with home insurance. It is not compulsory, but it is almost essential.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is an important aspect of the healthy management of a company. It provides cover for something that can be large in unexpected moments and insures the activities of the company in case of a catastrophe.

Boat Insurance

Keep peace of mind during your aquatic activities and navigate with confidence with Axxium Insurance’s boat insurance.

Mortgage Insurance

With the purchase of a home, just for the mortgage, for most buyers. Residential mortgage protection offers peace of mind to families in case of illness, injury or death, for such an important property

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance must figure prominently in the baggage of any passenger to ensure a certain peace of mind during a stay outside of the province or country. It is also useful if a last-minute cancellation becomes necessary for lost luggage, obtaining medical care or accidental mutilation.

Life Insurance

It permits financial security for the relatives and is not considered to be a luxury. Even if we want to live for as long as possible and with excellent health, life can play us nasty tricks. It is therefore essential to take out a life insurance policy for the event of death, illness or disability.

Disability Insurance

Each worker, small business owner or self-employed person can rely on his or her income to meet their financial obligations. However, in the event of an accident or a disease causing a period of disability, the scenario could change radically. Consequently, disability insurance provides a source of income that compensate for the missing income.

Critical illness Insurance

It is the wish of everyone to live in perfect health for many years. But, it can happen that life suddenly switches due to a serious illness like cancer, stroke or heart trouble. In such a case, critical illness insurance provides protection to enable recovery without financial hardship.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We are now living longer and, inevitably, we lose mobility over time. Long-term care insurance offers protection if care is needed for a long period of time. This insurance pays additional compensation that ensures the protection of your family savings


Pets are like family. Whether cuddling up at the end of a long day, or going for long weekend walks or playdates, they play a significant role in our lives. Pet insurance provides peace of mind that you’re covered if your pet needs medical care.

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Axxium insurance counts on excellent partnerships with the best insurance companies, in order to help you make a wise choice for a product that meets your needs adequately.

Recognition of our customers

A satisfied customer is a customer who takes pleasure in sharing their satisfaction with others. At Axxium insurance our mission is to ensure that you get full satisfaction and we do everything possible to do this.

"I make three or four trips abroad each year. I know the importance of having good travel insurance and Axxium consultants always find me the policy..."



"I have just bought my first car, and I knew nothing about car insurance. My representative at Axxium insurance found me the perfect policy for my a..."

Louis Desormeaux


"Over the years, I felt the need to take out a long-term care insurance as I absolutely wanted to avoid the burden of help in case of illness to mys..."

Cedric Paquette