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Boat Insurance

The pleasure of sailing with confidence

Security first: Navigate like a real captain

Keep peace of mind during your aquatic activities and navigate with confidence with Axxium Insurance’s boat insurance.

Enjoy your sailing trip by ensuring that all safety procedures have been applied before dropping moorings. As we all know, for those who are badly prepared and badly equipped, activities on water have their share of surprises.

One of the essential steps before going offshore is to insure your boat. Your watercraft represents a substantial share in your assets.

At Axxium Insurance, our experienced brokers will offer you an optimal boat insurance plan that meets your needs and the model of your boat. Your insurance will cover all of the following and more.

  • Public liability
  • Accidents
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Etc.

Contact one of our brokers right now to sail like a real captain!

Auto Insurance

Make the right choice, take out an insurance that really protects you.

liability - basic protection - risk assessment tips - proven products

A safe and affordable protection

As the owner of a motor vehicle, you know that car insurance is compulsory in Quebec. But as you also know, you must take into account certain essential elements in order to choose the insurance that will protect your vehicle, depending on the type, but who will help you and has experience with claims? Our brokers are well trained to introduce you to the diverse products from companies with whom we have agreements. You can therefore confidently choose the product, or the cover, and the insurance company with which you going to deal with.

Of course, you can consider the price and quality of the service and products offered. Our advisors will discuss with you issues such as personal injury damages, they will want to know if you are travelling to Quebec or outside, what the necessary protections are in the event of damage to the insured vehicle and the amount of the excess.

In addition, they will tell you about damage caused to others in an incident, for which the insured person will be held accountable, and how they will affect any endorsements in the event of partial or total loss, theft and other important items that may be included in your policy.


Our brokers are at your disposal to meet your necessities

Ask and you will receive the best insurance at the best prices

It's easy and fast!

Our online submission service makes it easy for you to determine the price for the insurance policy that best suits your needs, depending on your customer profile. Simply choose the type of product, complete the explanatory boxes as accurately as possible and send it to us. A broker will analyze your application and will send you, in a short time, a draft submission.

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

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Boat Insurance
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Travel Insurance
Life Insurance
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Long-Term Care Insurance
Boat Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Travel Insurance

Life Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance


Join a talented team, a team that maintains the permanent effort necessary to satisfy its customers

A career with axxium insurance is a professional success

We guarantee you a quick answer

Join the Axxium Insurance team is synonymous with the desire to succeed and to always offer the best product to customers. For us, the customer is not just a consumer, he is a person who deserves our attention and our know-how to obtain better insurance cover. You think like us, you want to fully satisfy your customer, you have the desire to always aim higher and reach new heights in your field? Your place is with us!

Contact us

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Bourrassa Est,
Montréal, (QC),
H1E 2S4

Tel. : 514-664-5080
Fax: 1-855-892-2574
Toll-free: 1-833-266-7749


At Axxium Insurance, we guarantee the best products in any franchise

A good guarantee can not be invented, it is built on trust

Our guarantees of quality products are simple and effective

At Axxium insurance we do not offer a guarantee as is made with goods or materials. We offer a guarantee based on our service and the excellence of the work done by our dealers and representatives, who have only one thing in mind; to know that you are entirely satisfied with the advice you are given for your insurance needs, and then only after a meeting.

As a person and consumer, you have the right to demand the best from your insurance broker and you have the right to obtain the best product to cover your assets, your finances, or to protect that which is most dear to you.

Our guarantee is based on the training of our staff, its knowledge and transparency to guide you in the purchase of an insurance policy. That is the commitment we undertake. Our guarantee is to provide you with answers to all your questions about insurance, so that you can enjoy a product of high quality and that adjusts fees to your budget. Our guarantee is to listen and assess your needs with you.


Axxium Assurance Inc. is owned by Westland Insurance Group Inc.

Home Insurance

Life is more enjoyable when property is insured

The protection of your home is essential for peace of mind

A winning decision

Possessing a property is without doubt the dream of the majority. There is no need to hide that this investment deserves to be carefully thought out. It represents a calculated financial risk for many years. Now, when you are ready to purchase this much-desired residence, do not forget to protect this investment.

You should consider acquiring home insurance.

This will protect you in case of damage to your home, your furniture and any other item that you include in the “insurance policy”. Therefore, in case of an unfortunate event, your cover will allow you to receive an amount of money determined prior to the replacement of the damaged property, for the repair or rebuilding of your home.

Remember that you can also insure property of another person, if you have an economic interest in this property. Our advisors will reply to your questions and give you all the relevant information, according to your needs, and the properties that you wish to insure. They will suggest the best protection for you and your family.


We work with leading insurers

Our company has built a reputation around trusted and competent partners

At Axxium insurance we were able to surround ourselves with the best insurance companies. Our brokers will find you the best products and the best covers that exist on the market. Our partners have a perfect record and are completely reliable. That is why we maintain links with them, to give you, as a client, a service without limits.

Intact Assurance Logo

Intact Assurances

When the unexpected happens, it’s good to know you can always count on Intact Insurance. That’s why we’ll start your claim within 30 minutes of your call – guaranteed.

L'Unique Logo


L'Unique General Insurance offers the best brokerage service for your home, auto, Leisure vehicle and commercial insurance, as well as surety bonds.



RCCAQ is the professional association tasked with defending the socio-economic interests of Quebec's insurance brokers.

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Nous prenons un simple engagement envers nos clients : être présents quand vous en avez le plus besoin. Lorsque l'inimaginable se produit, vous pouvez compter sur Economical pour s'occuper des détails et vous permettre de reprendre le cours de votre vie.



Specialized in irregular cases, be clients who have trouble securing with other insurers. Pafco has been selling its products through brokers for over 25 years. The company offers several products, so car insurance.

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Groupassur is a broker specializing in the service to other brokers and offering distinctive products of insurance across Canada.

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April Assurance

We offer different types of insurance solutions across personal and commercial lines that are flexible, competitive and adapted to your client’s needs.


AM Fredericks

AMFUM Ltd. was founded by Anthony Fredericks in February of 1993 in Toronto, Ontario. With over 40 years of Insurance industry experience, Tony has sought to create a skillful underwriting agency, by providing capacity on all classes of Commercial risks.