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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Saving for your projects that are important to you

Your investment income in a tax-free paradise

Achieve your goals faster

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a flexible investment account that can help you meet both your short-and long-term goals.

Investment income in a TFSA—whether you’re earning interest, dividends or capital gains—are not taxed, even when withdrawn. This tax-free compound growth means that your money grows more quickly inside a TFSA than in a taxable account

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Maximize the fun of your retirement

A tax-sheltered investment

Saving for retirement

A Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a tax-sheltered investment vehicle that provides you with an effective means of saving for retirement. Contributions to an RRSP result in a tax deduction, and the income earned in the plan compounds on a tax-deferred basis. Individuals with RRSP contribution room in Canada may contribute to an RRSP up to the end of the year in which the planholder reaches age 71.

RRSP-eligible investment options include fixed-income securities, equities, mutual funds, private company shares and more. Plus, with the elimination of foreign content limits for registered savings plans in 2005, you are now free to invest anywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance

Insurance accompanying your feet in the sand

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday with an all-risk insurance

A suitcase lost, one returned

Nothing better than to go on a trip with the peace of mind that you have a travel insurance policy to protect you against the unexpected such as medical expenses, emergency assistance service, a natural catastrophe, cancellation and journey interruption, or loss of luggage. Approach this topic with your insurance advisor and determine the best cover for you, depending on the journey and destination that you are planning.

For a fee you can also have extra cover for the person accompanying you, if you are hospitalized, and even to cover the costs of your repatriation. Medical travel insurance offers several covers and gives you peace of mind when travelling and staying abroad.

There are also travel insurance for pensioners, for people who like travel adventures and for those headed to destinations in various foreign countries. Contact your broker, it will be a pleasure to plan this part of the journey with you.

Long-term care Insurance

Recover your health with quality time

Take the time necessary for your recovery

Just think about one thing, your health

As we get older, the likelihood of needing care for a short or longer period of time becomes a reality for some. However, for those who have a long-term care insurance can breathe more easily. When everything has changed because of illness, whether chronic or degenerative, an accident, or age related, this product will meet the needs of constant care for a long time in an institution or at home.

You should know that provincial plans do not pay all long-term care costs in full. This type of insurance starts paying benefits after 90 to 180 days and these sums are there to compensate for the costs incurred by nurses, by therapists or to assist with housekeeping. As a responsible person, you want to protect your assets and your legacy.

In short, long-term care insurance allows you to have a refund amounts defrayed to different types of care required for your recovery, and that is reassuring!

Critical illness Insurance

Bring light into your life in the event of a grim diagnosis

Your energies should be fully used for your recovery

A powerful tool to meet the challenge of a lifetime

As a responsible person, you have to decide how to guard yourself against the eventualities related to the disease. To do this, you can talk to your advisor about critical illness insurance. It is a good protection if you were caught with any disease, because the last thing that will lift you spirit in moments such as this, without a doubt, is your financial situation. Your energies should be fully used for your recovery. For example, the illness can be a cancer, a stroke, heart attack or multiple sclerosis. The only concern with illness is the cure and healing period. Unfortunatly during this situation, income may decline but the bills will continue to accumulate.

It is at this point that critical illness insurance comes in, as with this diagnosis and having this insurance, you will receive a tax-free benefit, after a period of 30 days. You can use the money that will be paid to cover your living expenses and to meet any additional expenses.

With critical illness insurance, it is not only you who will worry less, but your friends will also feel relieved because of the benefits you are receiving, which will help compensate for the costs of treatment, care at home, costs related to the necessary medical equipment and medicines… and even your mortgage.

Disability insurance

Focus 100% on your recovery with confidence

The payment of your expenses during your recovery

A guaranteed income in order to stay functional

We agree that it is recommended we ask you if you actually need such an insurance. In fact, it is the type of insurance that can bring you financial security and which will replace a portion of your income if an unexpected situation makes you incapable of earning your salary.

Just think that, suddenly, an illness or an accident occurred which would make you invalid for a certain period of time, ranging from a few months to a few years. The purpose of disability insurance is to guarantee an income at the moment when it becomes difficult to perform your professional duties. Let us take a moment to tell you about the types of disability insurance for individuals and businesses, by meeting with one of our insurance advisors. As a worker, take time to discuss the possibilities that can bridge the gap which may appear between your actual income and expenses during loss of income due to disability, even though temporarily.

Additionally, your advisor will be able to assess the insurance as a self-employed worker, environment, contractor or employee, so that you can continue to maintain an acceptable standard of living in case of incapacity.

Mortgage Insurance

Ensure the sustainability of your comfort

Protect yourself from the uncertainties of tomorrow

An umbrella against bad weather

Mortgage insurance is essential for any new owner, and more so if you have a mortgage contract. Its purpose is to allow you to sleep peacefully if, for any reason. you are temporarily unable to meet your financial commitments to the lender.

In such a case, this type of insurance has the function of protecting your home if you are having any difficulties for a refund or if, by misfortune, you die. We offer independent mortgage insurance policies, which will protect it and which can be adapted to your financial situation. Please remember that the insurance offered by the financial institution covers only the balance of the amount you have to repay, with no financial security.

Our counselors will explain why it is in your interest to independently ensure the choice of a policy that corresponds best to your situation, after reviewing with you your real needs. Finally, please note that home insurance is not the same as mortgage insurance. The first protects your home and your property against risks, whilst the second protects your payments.

Life Insurance

For the well-being of your loved ones

It is simple! you are made for love of those who are dear to you

Protect your wealth

There is real wisdom in the gesture of getting life insurance. It’s simple! You do it for love of the ones dear to you. You do it because of concern for their well-being, if any misfortune occurs, and you are in a distressing situation.

In fact, it is reassuring to know that life insurance is a contract signed with a view to pension, or in the case of death, which ensures that your wealth, in the form of paid-up capital, will be transmitted to the (x) recipient(s) you designated at the time of purchase of the insurance. Your trusted broker will explain the different types of contracts, to adequately cover your current or future conditions and your specific needs.

Of course, there are different types of life insurance contracts; it will be our duty and pleasure to explain them in simple and clear terms. You will be able to make the most beneficial choice for you and, above all, for your loved ones.

Surety Bonds

For the success of all your projects

Take advantage of the financial benefits and the guarantee of the execution of all of your projects

Axxium Insurance is your insurer for all your projects. Our experts will guide you throughout the surety bond implemation process for the execution of your projects. The Axxium insurance surety bond will guarantee the success of your projects and solidify the growth of your organization.

What is a surety bond?

Surety bond is an endorsement contract by the insurer which guarantees that all of your contracted suppliers will carry out the work and will respect their obligations by the terms and conditions established in the contract for the execution of your projects.

Surety bond binds three parties:

• The endorser: insurer
• The Beneficiary: your business
• The principal debtor: suppliers or subcontractors


• Accelerate prequalification process of suppliers
• Get a guarantee for your suppliers
• Reduce the need of credit or liquidity (cash)
• Optimize budgets bids
• Guarantee your projects execution

List of available surety bonds:

• RBQ 20K – 40K, Specialized – Entrepreneur
• Entrepreneur Bids
• Entrepreneur Execution
• Car dealership
• OPC Health Studio
• OPC Travel Agent
• SAAQ (License)
• Driving school
• Other Surety bonds

Contact one of our experts and take advantage of the surety bond financial benefits for all your projects.

Commercial insurance

Work with peace of mind

It is prudent to have adequate protection so that you can counteract any risk

We will give you fair and accurate replies.

Security and guarantees for businessmen and entrepreneurs are essential! For this reason commercial insurance or company insurance exist. As a business personality, you are aware that you must acquire certain types of commercial insurance. Putting it simply, you know that commercial insurance is actually a financial product bought in order to protect against possible losses that might interfere with your assets, your employees or caused by damage. In a word, this insurance protects your investment and your know-how.

As an entrepreneur, it is prudent to have adequate protection in order to counteract any risk that may occur related to your field of business. This insurance offers the opportunity to continue your operations in the event of a castastrophe, and especially, to limit any risk of financial losses. Our counselors will explain all possible covers relating to liability, property, equipment, inventory, personal injury and disease. Request an appointment to ask away all the questions in mind.