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Our licensed professionals will provide you with a quick and efficient quote process, ensuring you’re protected in no time.

Trust Axxium with Your Home Insurance Needs

At Axxium, we value our clients and are genuinely interested in their well-being. Let us be your trusted advisors for all your home insurance needs.

Simple and Hassle-Free

We make the home insurance experience easy and straightforward, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

Save Time with Axxium Home Insurance

Get a quote within 15 minutes, conveniently fitting into your busy schedule.

Whether you’re at work, taking a break, or even at the dealership finalizing paperwork for a new home, we’ve got you covered.

Take care of your home insurance while waiting for your kids at their weekly activities or during any downtime.

Clear Expectations and Benefits

Expect a callback from our professional insurance advisors within 15 minutes.

Finalize and confirm your quote in just 10 minutes by providing essential information about your home.

We’ll send you certificates and/or cover notes in your email within 5 minutes, making the process swift and efficient.

Bundle your home, auto, and recreational insurance with us and save up to 45% on your premiums.

Get Auto Insurance in Minutes with Axxium - Save up to 45% on Your Quote

Unlock Exclusive Insurance Deals - Just Ask and Save!

Get a Auto Insurance Quote in Just 15 Minutes!

Our licensed professionals are ready to assist you promptly, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience.

At Axxium, We Put You First

We genuinely care about our clients and strive to be more than just insurance providers. We’re your trusted advisors.

Quick and Convenient

Our streamlined process allows you to get a quote during your break, lunchtime, or even while you’re at work.

Time-Saving Benefits

Get your quote at the dealership while your representative handles the paperwork for your new car.

Take care of your insurance needs while waiting for your kids at their weekly activities.

Clear Expectations and Benefits

Expect a callback from our professional insurance advisors within 15 minutes.

Finalize and confirm your quote in just 10 minutes by providing essential information like your driver’s license number, VIN, current policy number, and lease/mortgagee details if cover notes are required.

Receive certificates and/or cover notes via email within 5 minutes.

Save up to 45% when you bundle your home, auto, and recreational insurance with us.

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Important Notice

We're Open for Business during COVID-19

Our Business Operations​

With the significant and growing concern in Canada surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to provide you with an update on how Axxium Insurance is handling this situation as it relates to our customers, employees and the communities we service.

We are fully operational. Our business is equipped and designed to service you in situations such as this. Axxium Insurance has invested in systems so that we are able to continue to service you by phone, email, online and through digital policy management.

In an effort to help slow the spread of the virus, we’ve suspended walk-in and in-person appointments. Please call 1-514-664-5080 or email for your service request.

For your Personal Home and Auto insurance, we encourage you to download our Client Access Centre mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play). You can also access the Client Access Centre on your desktop computer to download your policy documents and request changes to your policies.

We are communicating with our employees on a regular basis, promoting social distancing and cancelling business travel. Our employees are equipped to work from home for as long as required.


I’ve been impacted by COVID-19. How can my Axxium broker help?

Axxium is working with our insurance providers to help our customers navigate what options are available and while there is no single solution that applies to every customer we are helping our customers find the savings that are available on a case by case basis.

In our experience insurance companies are working with existing customers whose needs have changed or are experiencing financial hardship.

My vehicle coverage needs have changed

  • I’m not driving at all

If you are no longer using your vehicle during this time, and there is no loan or lease on your vehicle, we can request the removal of your coverage which would generate a credit on your premium. It’s important to note that credits will vary based on your current coverage and how far into your insurance policy term you are.
You will also need to advise us when your commuting needs go back to normal so we can re-instate your coverage to reflect your updated commute.
We do recommend maintaining comprehensive coverage to protect your parked vehicle from vandalism, fire or theft.

  • I still drive a little but am not commuting to school or work

We can apply for a reduction based on your current usage, the credits will vary based on your current coverage and how far into your insurance policy term you are. You will also need to advise us when your commuting needs go back to normal.

My income has been impacted by COVID-19, can you help?

Customers who are experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to pay their insurance premiums should reach out by phone 1-514-664-5080 or email and we can help you find options through a coverage review and payment options.

Insurance companies are also:

  • Temporarily waiving non-sufficient funds fee (NSF) for customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Stopping the issuance of notices of cancellation for non-payment for our personal property and personal auto insurance customers. They will not be re-issuing policy documents that have already been issued.

Will renewals continue to be issued?

Yes, renewals will continue to be issued. Insurance companies may make appropriate changes in renewal coverage, with proper notice to you.

I am working from home for an extended period due to COVID-19, is it considered business use? Do I need to update my insurance broker?

Most insurance companies, due to the stay at home direction for COVID-19, will not consider this as business use and will not impact your home insurance. To be certain, please check with your insurance broker.

What is the best way for me to make a payment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The easiest way to make a payment is via online banking. Simply add the name of your insurance company as a payee. Be sure to include the account number found on your invoice.

What if I have to open a claim during this time?

As always our team is here to help, so please reach out by phone 1-514-664-5080 or email and one of Customer Service Advisors will gladly assist you with your needs.
Alternatively, you can also submit a claim through our Client Access Centre App

Tell me more about the Client Access Centre

At Axxium Insurance, we’re focused on providing superior service and advice to Canadians. We wanted a solution that would let you interact with our team anytime, anywhere. Let’s be honest, things happen and the information you need might not be during business hours.
The Axxium Client Access Centre gives you access to insurance information, documents, and messages at their convenience via the web portal or mobile app.

What can I do with it?

It’s your coverage, you’re in control. Here’s a quick list:

  • Add and remove drivers to your Auto Insurance policy
  • Get a copy of your Motor Vehicle Liability Card
  • Access your policy details
  • Request changes to your policy
  • Initiate a claim and upload photos through our interactive claims feature

How do I get it?

Gather the following information, then select the “Register Now” button.

  • Insurance policy number (listed on your policy documents and pink card)
  • Insurance policy expiration date
  • Telephone number associated with your policy
  • Email address associated with your policy

Are there options available for the commercial coverage of my business?

If you’ve had to reduce / stop operations or have had to vacate your business premises please reach out to our Commercial Support team by phone 1-514-664-5080 or email

We’ll need to discuss your unique business risk profile changes in order to navigate what options are available to you.

Giving Back

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our local food banks are experiencing a significant increase in usage, matched by a decline in food donations due to social distancing. As a corporate partner of Feed Nova Scotia and local food banks across the country we want to help.

In addition to a $5 donation for each personal policy review requested, Axxium has committed to corporate donations to local food banks in the communities we serve across Canada and will match all donations to Canadian food banks through our Give Back fundraising campaign, up to $40,000.

Axxium CEO, Jamie Reid, has also committed to personally matching an additional donation of $40,000 in support of this initiative.

Client Access Centre

Our goal is to exceed client expectations. This means providing you service options that are available 24/7, mobile and fast.

The Axxium Assurance Client Access Centre allows you access to your insurance information from any device. With your online Account, you gain access to a variety of information, including:

–          Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Cards

–          Policy information

–          Report a Claim

–          Request forms to change or modify account information

Request your Self-Serve Account today!​

Click Register Now, provide us your Name and email address and we’ll send you an email with your log in details.

Already registered?

Need more help?​

For assistance:

Download the Axxium Assurance Client Access Centre to your Android or iOS device now!

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